A new chapter in hybrid work

A new chapter in hybrid work

This summer, we set out to hack a better way to connect different communication tools, to help people in teams be more productive, intentional, and transparent with their time. The response has been beyond our expectations and showed how much better and enjoyable the experience of remote work can be.

In today's working world, we browse, use and switch between more tools than ever before. The same tools that have allowed us to do our work remotely (chat, video tools, calendars, etc) have also started to result in distractions, inefficient communication, and tool fatigue.

But, they don’t have to. With Buzz we’re taking the tools you’re already using, connecting them, and empowering them with a simple yet superior and intuitive user experience. By doing so, we can serve you with the information and actions you need, to do your work in a more convenient way.

We’re determined to innovate at the core of this experience leveraging integrations, design, convenience and speed to get closer to what feels like a modern remote work experience.

Starting today, we’re expanding access to Buzz. Are you using Slack, Zoom, or Google Workspace? Are you working on a fast-paced project with people you often need to synchronize with or perhaps leading a hybrid team? If yes is the answer to any of these questions, let us show you how much more enjoyable and efficient this can be.

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/ Ebba Cronqvist, CEO
✉ ebba@joinbuzz.com️